Our mission

Supporting underrepresented artists and their stories.


Checkmark Theatre Company is a New York based theatre company, founded in October of 2017, with a mission to create a home for underrepresented artists to tell their stories and develop their craft.

Checkmark encourages the growth of marginalized artists through our developmental reading series and workshops, as well as the production of new works, and modernized takes on revivals. To do so, we fundraise to not only support our artists' work, but also to compensate them for their time and talent. One of the pivotal reasons behind the disparities in the theatre community is inaccessibility due to unpaid and under paid work.  As a result, we work tirelessly to ensure every artist is given a stipend for their time with Checkmark.

Supporting typically-unseen artists and their work will always be our focus and, in doing so, we create a space that creates conversation and tolerance, while challenging the limits of storytelling in the American theater.

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