Continued Development: Shiva347

by Sanaz Toossi

Checkmark is proud to continue to support Sanaz Toossi and the development of her play, SHIVA347. Sanaz is truly a personification our mission. She is a recent graduate of the Tisch School of the Arts MFA Program at New York University, and a native Californian. She is a proud child of Iranian immigrants and explores the narratives of immigrants-before-they-were-immigrants in her work.

A bit about the play: When Shiva’s daughter returns home to Iran determined to get a nose job, Shiva is determined to stop her. However, struggling to connect with her daughter, Shiva discovers the Internet and subsequently tailspins into chaos upon finding an email from an old flame. In this tale of passive-aggression and big noses, a mother desperately tries to show her daughter that she was a person once, too.

SHIVA347, even in its early stages, blew us away. So, after programming a staged reading of the latest draft in our Spring 2018 DEVO series, we commited to further develop the play long term. We cannot wait to continue creating space for such a beautiful, unique story that can be understood universally, and we ask for your support to continue facilitating its development.

Sanaz Toossi,  writer of SHIVA347.

Sanaz Toossi, writer of SHIVA347.